Oceanside, CA


"Jeannine and Jeff have provided me with above expectations in service while serving as my property managers for my rental property and while acting as my listing agents when I decided to sell that same property. Their customer service and desire to ensure the property owner and tenant were taken care of and continuously informed was above reproach. They are extremely loyal, efficient, effective, and in tune with the real estate market. I am truly sad having to leave them, but would instantly seek future opportunities to work with them again in any capacity. If you are looking for a property management company or real estate team to help you grow your REI company, I would contact Jeannine and Jeff at All Investors Realty and Management today. Thank you again for all you hard and dedicated work to me and my property."

San Marcos, CA


"I was extremely satisfied how well my property was managed through Jeannine and Jeff for over eight years. I have owned dozens of rental properties over the years and can honestly say this is the best management company I have experienced. Repairs were always handled quickly by qualified vendors and at competitive pricing. They consistently secured quality tenants that took excellent care of the property. I was sent quarterly inspection photos so that I could see the current condition of the home. Routine maintenance items were pointed out so they could be addressed promptly. When it came time to sell the home, the physical inspector did not note any neglected maintenance items, which allowed for a smooth transaction. The sale was handled as professionally as the years of management. I can confidently recommend All Investors Realty And Management to handle your investment properties."