About Us!

Top quality property management does not have to come at a high cost. However, poor quality management can cost you more than you bargained for. When hiring a property manager, you should expect reliable service, quality repair work, proper representation and more. You shouldn't, and don't have to, expect that to come at a high price. We have perfected the business of property management.

Our contracted vendors provide top quality service at an affordable price, which is vital to your bottom line. A delay or poorly completed repairs can cause additional damage, tenant litigation and more. All of our vendors are held to a higher standard and are not paid until the repairs have been completed to our satisfaction. Our vendors are aware of our demand for excellence and that a failure to maintain a high standard of workmanship will result in removal from our approved vendor list. In return, we pay our vendors in a timely manner and provide additional jobs. We do not have an affiliation with any of our vendors. They are independents. We do not make any additional income from your repairs in the form of surcharges or shared income. We want to make certain we proceed with the best independent priced vendor, not the one that we earn income from at your expense.

Our tenants enjoy a well maintained and clean unit in exchange for prompt payment of rent and compliance to all rules and regulations of both our office and HOA rules, if any. Our tenants know we respond to their requests in a timely manner and will accompany the vendor into the home if they are unable to do so. We do not expect our tenants to disrupt their lives for a repair. Through our Tenant Portal, tenants can efficiently pay rent on-line, view their entire payment history, view their uploaded documents and pictures, and also submit their repair requests on-line. We make things as easy as possible for our tenants. Happy tenants don't want to move and generally take better care of the unit, thus reducing the costs associated with repairs and turnover.

Quarterly exterior inspections allow for constant monitoring of the unit. These inspections allow us to determine if the tenant is taking adequate care of the property, if there are any non permitted pets, if any maintenance items should be addressed and whether or not the gardener or pest control companies are doing acceptable work on the property. Photos of these inspections will be downloaded and available for viewing by both the tenant and the owner. Annual interior inspections are performed prior to approving any lease renewals. This allows us to make an informed decision as to whether or not to renew the lease. Simply because a tenant is paying rent on time is not a reason to renew. The proper upkeep of the home is vitally important to avoid costly repairs such as replacing flooring due to tenant abuse.

Our owners also enjoy the convenience of an Owner Portal. Signed leases and renewals, invoices, pictures, tax documentation and more are available for you to access 24/7. You will receive monthly full reconciliation of your finances. Your monthly proceeds can be deposited automatically to your bank account if so desired. We can pay your mortgage, taxes, HOA, gardener, etc. Just let us know which items you would like for us to pay on your behalf. The more income and expenses that we handle on your behalf, the easier the accounting for your tax preparer. One Cash Flow Statement and Owner Statement at the end of the year allows for your tax preparer to have all items necessary to prepare your tax returns. No need to try and locate receipts, mortgage statements, tax statements, etc. We will have all that documentation for you.

Allows us to review your property portfolio and make suggestions to increase, decrease or exchange your existing properties to enjoy the highest possible return on your investment. Get first hand notification of upcoming properties, before they are available to the general public. Need to sell your investment property and have a lease that is not expiring within your necessary time frame? We can present your property to our pool of investors that would keep your tenant and their lease in place. No need to delay selling your property or "buy out" the lease.

We can customize our services to meet your budget and financial goals. Our flexibility is designed to best for the needs of our clients. Give us a call and let us know what you need. We are certain we can provide the solution at a price you can afford. Exceeding your expectations, not your budget.